How to crush a soda can without using any physical force

Crushing cans with your bare hands or stepping on them with your full body weight or shooting them with a bb gun are all fun ways to destroy an aluminum can. What might be most fun is letting it crush itself. How? Magical pressure. » 1/31/14 10:15pm 1/31/14 10:15pm

Why Would Anyone Buy a Bow Tie-Shaped Beer Can That Actually Gives You…

When Budweiser changed its iconic all American beer can to accentuate the bow tie logo of the so called King of Beers, I was not happy. Even though I don't really care what the outside of the beer can looks like as long as my words start slurring. Even though I don't drink Budweiser. It was a telegraphed move by an… » 4/18/13 1:00am 4/18/13 1:00am

Klipsch's Headphones Keep On Noise-Cancelling For 45 Long Hours

That's "hella-long," our editor Joe has assured me, and just in case you're willing to test that one out yourself, they can be used as normal stereo headphones should the battery run out of juice. » 7/12/11 11:03am 7/12/11 11:03am

A Better Soda Can

Aluminum cans are convenient! So why would we need a better soda can? Well because even though they're recyclable, they're not really reusable. This soda can is not only reusable, it's also biodegradable. Better for everybody! » 2/02/11 8:00pm 2/02/11 8:00pm

This Beautiful Antique Box Is Just a Soda Can

Inside every soda can you've slurped from lurks a gorgeously embossed box, yearning to come alive. This isn't just recycling; it's reinventing. And here's how to make your own in under four minutes. » 1/20/11 9:20am 1/20/11 9:20am

Fear In A Can

These fear-in-a-can cans by Hoxton Monster Supplies are perfect: the unassuming typeface, color and laugh out loud descriptions make for a great gag gift. I'll take a vague sense of unease and escalating panic please. » 11/26/10 11:00pm 11/26/10 11:00pm

The Unflattering Future Of Fashion: Spray On Clothes

A new liquid mixture will allow people to literally spray clothes onto their body. Once the mixture hits your body, it turns into a thin layer of fabric that can be peeled off, washed, and re-worn. Unfortunately, it's also skintight. » 9/18/10 12:00pm 9/18/10 12:00pm

The Paint-Less Coca-Cola Would Save Earth One Can at a Time

It doesn't only look beautiful, and it would make Jon Ive and Steve Jobs wet, but this naked Coca-Cola can would help save energy while reducing air and water pollution. Would it really make a difference? Let's do some math: » 11/19/09 8:51am 11/19/09 8:51am

Trash Cans Get Pimped Out For Charity

My trashcan is a metal, woven-looking thing filled with crumpled up ideas and 48 gum wrappers. Makes me wish I had one of these 35 customized, artist-designed trashcans being put into auction for charity instead. (Particularly the cactus one.) » 10/17/09 12:20am 10/17/09 12:20am

USB Can-Shaped Humidifier Mixes Weirdness with Moisturising Power

This isn't the first USB-powered humidifier » 9/02/08 7:17am 9/02/08 7:17am you've seen, but it may be the weirdest: it comes shaped and painted like a drink can. It uses ultrasound to generate "cool, moisturizing steam" at the rate of 50ml per hour, which may sound attractive to you if your office environment is one of those over-air-conditioned…

Resealable Can Saves Your Sodas

Our mouths dropped last week when we discovered the double-lidded jar. Now we're equally impressed by a can that's resealable. The can pops open like any normal can. Then, when you're finished taking a few sips, you simply rotate the the tab and a second layer of metal plugs the hole. (The video will probably make… » 5/21/08 10:30am 5/21/08 10:30am

Did the Infamous Canburger Start Out as an Art Project?

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? That's one of many, many questions that arose in my mind when I saw this art exhibit in France that's made up of 10,000 "Canburgers." And no, these aren't just purchased from the place we found the originals in, they were specially commissioned by the artist, Mike… » 2/08/08 4:40pm 2/08/08 4:40pm

Cheeseburger in a Can Reviewed

Curiosity is at an all-time high about the Cheeseburger in a Can. Does it taste good? Will I die if I eat it? Thanks to one brave soul who put his life on the line for canned cuisine, we now know the answers to these questions and more. First off, it is fairly expensive at 3.95 EUR (around $6) and it takes about 10… » 1/31/08 5:30pm 1/31/08 5:30pm

Tokyo Found: Godzilla Beer Dispenser Roars When you Pour

Godzilla showed up at my parents' house in Tokyo today. But he wasn't here to destroy buildings or scare innocent citizens like me. He just wanted to show off his mad can-opening skillz. Now, every time I tilt him, beer spews out his mouth and he lets out a mighty roar. Sexy.
» 12/30/06 10:47am 12/30/06 10:47am

Video Ads Coming to a Hand Dryer Near You

We value our time spent on the can, so the thought of having commercial-playing displays in the bathroom pisses us off (lame pun intended). But apparently that's how it's been going on down under. This image of a hand dryer in Australia shows an ad playing right off the dryer's display. We don't wash our hands to… » 10/16/06 7:09pm 10/16/06 7:09pm