360 Degree Video of Vancouver Riots Proves That Canada Is Not So Nice

I never understood people's need to trash streets, burn cars or destroy anything after their team loses (or sometimes wins) a big game. But I've always wondered what it would feel like. This 360-degree video of the Vancouver riots shows me. » 6/23/11 9:20am 6/23/11 9:20am

Canada Will Not Be Denied Its Combat-Jet-Loud SunChips Bags

Hearing loss be damned! Our rugged northern neighbors are defiantly standing behind the Frito-Lay bag that's louder than a combat jet cockpit, a month after we namby-pamby Americans had them yanked from our shelves. Oh, Canada! » 11/04/10 10:20pm 11/04/10 10:20pm

US to Deploy Drone Aircraft Along Canadian Border to Prevent Bacon…

We all know who the real threats to our American way of life are: Canadians. That's why unmanned drone aircraft are set to start patrolling the US/Canadian border. » 12/08/08 1:20pm 12/08/08 1:20pm

Canadians Write Angry Letter to Steve Jobs Over iPhone Plan in the…

Over a year after their Southern neighbors, Canadians are finally getting their hands on the magical iPhone. But Rogers Communications, the only carrier with a contract to sell the phone, has a data plan that makes AT&T look positively philanthropic. A $75 a month plan comes with a mandatory 3-year contract, 100 text… » 6/29/08 2:45pm 6/29/08 2:45pm

Competition Winner: 3145 Miles Per Gallon

We like to ooo and ahh over gadget-y cars like the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius, especially when rumors swirl about turbocharged engines getting 100 miles per gallon. But then we saw this winner of the SAE Super Mileage Competition, a car which racked up a jaw-dropping 3145 miles per gallon. This is a… » 6/23/06 12:47pm 6/23/06 12:47pm