Game Over for Sun's "Game Changing" 16-Core Rock CPU

In the wake of their buyout by Oracle, Sun Microsystems has canned their 16-core Rock chip project—once touted by the company as a "game changer," and their answer to IBM's latest Power CPUs—after five years of development. This represents the second major chip offering from Sun to be shelved in recent years. [NYT] » 6/16/09 4:55pm 6/16/09 4:55pm

HD DVD Press Conferences Cancelled After Warner Defects to Blu-ray

No one's going to make a Hunt for Blue October movie out of Warner's defection from HD DVD to Blu-ray—even if Toshiba is quite peeved at them—but what they can do is cancel press conferences. The HD DVD group, who's naturally in charge of the HD DVD press conferences here at CES, has just decided to "postpone" their… » 1/05/08 1:04pm 1/05/08 1:04pm