Motorola Debuts the W161 and W181, a Pair of Dull-Ass Candy Bar Cells

Well, it's Monday morning at WMC 2008 in Barcelona and Motorola has come out of the gate with a... saunter. The W161 and W181, which should be available sometime in the next month or so, look like they are aimed at the cellphone markets in Africa and India. I mean, 465 hours' standby? Full specs for both are below the… » 2/11/08 3:52am 2/11/08 3:52am

Mustek DV300T Video Camera Tastes Like Candybars

It may not be the best compact digital video camera out there, but if looking like a cellphone were a category that anyone cared about, the DV300T would be on top of the market. The 2-inch LCD screen, the 3.1 megapixel resolution, and the lack of an optical zoom are certainly drawbacks—but you do get 64MB of memory… » 1/31/08 6:40pm 1/31/08 6:40pm

AT&T Gets the Pantech C150 Low-End Cameraphone

If you thought that AT&T was becoming a high-end boutique cellphone shop with handsets like the iPhone and the HTC 8925, Pantech's latest addition to their roster will straighten you out. The C150 is a pretty nice looking low-end cameraphone with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Windows Live Mail support, MP3… » 7/25/07 2:00pm 7/25/07 2:00pm