Cyber-Grannies Can Track Their Pulse, Blood Pressure and Temp On This Cane

Oh, so Big Jim at the nursing home thinks he's all that, with his cane that doubles up as an umbrella? Egle Ugintaite's cane concept walks all over that, and then some. Sensors actually take readings from the user's wrist, and track the pulse, blood pressure and body temperature, displaying the stats on the little LCD… »7/06/11 7:30am7/06/11 7:30am


Hands-Free GPS Device for the Blind Could Make You a Superhero

The Navigation aid for the Blind headset »10/08/08 11:07pm10/08/08 11:07pm is a GPS device, which not only works through speech recognition, but also uses obstacle detection technology that alerts the blind of any sleeping bums or other obstructions he could trip over as he is being guided to his destination. In 2003, we reported on a that led the…

Walking Stick with Built-in Telescope: for the Victorian Perv in You

Not quite as high-tech as the CIA spy gear Wilson's been showing, but almost a steampunk modding of a normal walking stick... this cane with built-in telescope gave me a smile the moment I saw it. Mainly because I pictured a Victorian gent strolling along, then popping out the 3x mag telescope to steal a forbidden… »5/23/08 5:47am5/23/08 5:47am

Respect The Old School Cane, For Punk Kid Smackdowns

Some of us old cane-carrying codgers don't get no respect, we don't get no respect at all. That's why we need this cane with a RESPECT stamp on the business end, leaving a mark on those punk whippersnappers who want to disrespect us with their "rap music" and hepcat attitudes. Well sir, those days are gone, yessiree,… »9/28/07 11:10am9/28/07 11:10am