Lefties Go Roadie, Wolves In California Inevitable: What’s New Outside

High-End camping gear maker Nemo promises to make sleeping outside more comfortable than ever. Cannondale is releasing a road bike fitted with a lightweight version of its “Lefty” front suspension and a second wolf has left Oregon for the sunny climes of California. Here’s what’s new outside.
»8/10/15 11:37am8/10/15 11:37am

Cannondale Bicycles May Get iPod Dock Upgrade + Stat Tracking

Cannondale bikes hired a design firm to render up some possible future features on their rides, one of which is a very interesting one called MetroPolite that has an iPod connector. An iPod seems like the last thing you want to be shoving into your ears when you're riding in a Metro area, seeing as bikes lose to cars… »6/03/08 8:00pm6/03/08 8:00pm