A Visual Study of the Solitude of a Pro Photographer

In Brad Kremer's stunning video documentary of photographer Michael Levin, he somehow captures the loneliness of the life of a photographer, but also the beauty of Kyushu, Japan, where it was filmed. A Canon 5DMKII, shooting a Hasselblad H4D. Beautiful. » 6/15/11 4:20am 6/15/11 4:20am

A State of the Art Camera With a 102-Year-Old Lens

Timur Civan was not content with the lens offerings for his Canon 5DmkII, so he outfitted it with a Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat lens from 1908. That's over a hundred years of photography history in one camera. And it works! » 9/20/10 9:40am 9/20/10 9:40am

Christian Bale Rant Victim Is the Man Behind the Canon EOS 5D Mark II…

It appears that Shane Hurlbut, Director of Photography on Terminator Salvation, is the guy behind that awesome Canon5D MK II helmet. He also happens to be the guy Christian Bale went ape shit on during filming. » 7/22/09 2:10pm 7/22/09 2:10pm

Underwater Camera Cases, Video DSLRs Are a Match Made In Fish Heaven

Most popular, mid-to-high-range DSLRs eventually get their own waterproof diving cases, but this one is special. It's a Sea&Sea housing for a Canon 5D Mk II, and it lets you take videos like this:
» 5/21/09 3:53am 5/21/09 3:53am

It's Official: The Canon 5D Mk II Will Turn Us All Into Professional…

Yeah, sure, it was cool to see a professional photographer spin HD video gold from the Canon 5D Mark II. But that guy is famous, had a mountain of equipment, a crew, and a freaking helicopter. Not so for the humble photographer and videographer at Akihabara News, who took the 5D, a few days and a laptop to shoot and… » 11/06/08 6:52am 11/06/08 6:52am