Canon to Halt Sales of EOS-1D Mark III to UK and Recall?

We told you about Canon's willingness to fix the focus problems in its flagship EOS-1D Mark III camera, and now it appears the company is taking further steps to make sure the $4500 digital SLR is working properly. In a letter allegedly sent to UK dealers and dated October 25, not only does Canon acknowledge a quality… »10/30/07 9:40am10/30/07 9:40am


Focus-Broken Canon EOS-1D Mark III to be Fixed Soon

Although we were highly impressed with the $4500 Canon EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR camera when we first saw it last winter (check out our video of it snapping off 10 frames per second like a house afire), the high-end super camera turned out to have a goofy problem: Its autofocus didn't work in bright sunlight. Canon… »10/18/07 8:22am10/18/07 8:22am

PMA 07: Canon EOS-1D Mark III Snapping Off Frames Like a House Afire

As promised, here's the Canon EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR firing off 10 frames per second. It's able to shoot a string of 110 frames at a time in its default large jpeg frame size at level 8 compression. Canon's Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship of the Consumer Imaging Group, shows us what… »3/08/07 9:52pm3/08/07 9:52pm