Canon EOS 50D Hands-on Photos Hit the Web

First we had the leaked info, then some official-looking shots, and now, at last, some proper hands-on images of Canon's upcoming EOS 50D pro-consumer DSLR have hit the intertubes over at Impress. According to the guys there the cam feels a lot like the 40D to hold, but it's a tad easier to grip. It's got a screen… » 9/05/08 5:26am 9/05/08 5:26am

Canon EOS 50D Official: 15-Megapixel Prosumer DSLR Is First With Digic…

Canon's EOS 50D probably isn't the DSLR you were praying they would unveil at Photokina, but it does fill a gaping hole in their lineup between the low-end prosumer 40D and semi-pro 5D. The 15-megapixel shooter is their first DSLR with the Digic 4 processor, which has a few new light-oriented tricks up its sleeve,… » 8/26/08 12:01am 8/26/08 12:01am

More Canon EOS 50D Images Leak

Last Friday we showed you Canon EOS 50D specs » 8/24/08 7:18pm 8/24/08 7:18pm leaked on a Chinese site, but by the time our story was up, the shots had been yanked. Photography Bay of the camera—shown here and below the jump at slightly reduced resolution—plus a and a shot featuring a 18-200mm lens kit option. []