Video: Turning soda cans into liquid metal looks so fun

I'm not going to give my aluminum cans to recycling centers anymore. Instead, I'm going to melt them down to liquid metal and create awesome metal objects with them. All I need is a hair dryer and some charcoal to create this awesome mini metal foundry. It turns about 40 cans into a pound of aluminum. » 12/31/14 9:02pm 12/31/14 9:02pm

A Tiny Stamp Brands Your Can To Make Sure No One Steals Your Drink

Is there anything worse than being at a party and having someone steal your drink? Sure! Taking a long swigg on a can only to realize it isn't yours. But now you can avoid both situations with this keychain-sized stamp that lets you brand an aluminum can with a permanent message, leaving no debate as to its ownership. » 12/02/13 4:00pm 12/02/13 4:00pm

How to open a can without a can opener

Here's a tip you should file away in your folder for zombie apocalypse preparation and in your brain for future conversations for whoa, I didn't know it was that easy: opening a can without a can opener. All it takes is some abrasive concrete rubbing of the can's top and a firm squeeze of the can's body. As long as… » 11/18/13 10:09pm 11/18/13 10:09pm

How the Design of Soda Cans Have Changed Over Time

Things change over time. Famous logos morph from black and white text into ornately embossed colorful graphics. Home screens go from a few icons to pages and pages. Phones go from bricks with numbers to slates with touchscreens. It's just what happens. Little tweaks become overhauls. Just look at how your favorite… » 6/21/13 1:00am 6/21/13 1:00am