These Abstract Art Pieces Are Made By Having Sex

Now here's art we can all get behind. Love Is Art is a project by artist Jeremy Brown where you (and a bed partner) create art by stripping naked, dousing yourself in body paint and having sex all over the canvas. Yes, seriously. The paint that ends up on the canvas is the result of your horizontal shuffle dance. » 11/14/12 1:00am 11/14/12 1:00am

Canvas Laptop Computer Concept for Creative Types

The creative brain of designer Kyle Cherry has had a go at reinventing the laptop, with the specific needs of "creative" users in mind. Keeping the design clean and simple so artistic efforts are unhindered, auxiliary controls sit outside of the keyboard area and include a four-way navigation joystick. He envisages it… » 3/13/08 12:55pm 3/13/08 12:55pm

Firefox 3.0 Alpha Available for Download

Firefox is a fast-moving application, and now you can take a quick gander at the first Alpha version of Firefox 3.0, the next iteration of the open-source browser for Windows, Mac and Linux nicknamed Gran Paradiso. On the surface, it doesn't look that different from the current version of Firefox (which we find to be… » 12/11/06 12:46pm 12/11/06 12:46pm