Scientists Build Incredible Supercapacitor Using... Pen Ink?

Standard pen ink is the surprise component in a flexible carbon fibre supercapacitor which can be bent in a full circle with barely any loss of performance. » 9/03/12 3:00pm 9/03/12 3:00pm

Giz Explains: Why Analog Audio Cables Really Aren't All The Same

While I've clearly stated that, despite Best Buy's 57 overpriced "choices," HDMI cables pretty much all do the same thing, this isn't the case with analog audio cables. Here's the physical explanation why: » 4/14/09 12:20pm 4/14/09 12:20pm

Alps Trackpad Senses Your Hovering Fingers, Weird Gestures

Alps Electronics has decided to take the occasionally annoying sensitivity of some capacitive trackpads to a new extreme, demoing a technology that can accurately sense fingers without coming in direct contact with them. The system is able to sense movements at an admittedly modest range of 3cm, from which distance… » 9/26/08 5:05am 9/26/08 5:05am