Comcast's New Network Management Will Slow Down Heavy Users for Up to 20 Minutes

While Comcast's new network management scheme- to slow down heavy bandwidth users' entire connection »8/20/08 8:57pm-, we're just . People hitting their pipe hard-whether it's watching a boatload of streaming video or FTP or whatever-will see their top speeds cut for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Under the setup, Comcast claims it will…

Welcome to the Future of Broadband: Third Major ISP AT&T Testing Bandwidth Caps in the Fall

AT&T chief tech officer John Donovan has told Wired that they're going to test bandwidth caps in the fall, making them the third of the four major ISPs to do so. (Verizon stands alone, but for how long?) He lays out the familiar rationale, a small group of users (5 percent) pillage the network (40 percent) and they've… »6/07/08 6:57pm

Comcast Elaborates Slightly on Unlimited Cable Internet Caps: 90GB to 150GB

Although Comcast advertises an unlimited cable-internet use policy, many heavy downloaders have run into an invisible cap, which triggers a call from Comcast's Security Department that flags their account for excessive use. The second time this happens, you're booted altogether—under the reason of hampering connection… »9/16/07 12:15pm