Hayley Atwell Perfectly Sums Up the Creepiness of Captain America's New Love Interest

If you’ve seen both Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, then you know that the first one sets up a possible relationship between Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), and the other just throws that relationship together out of nowhere. Well, Hayley Atwell has weighed in.

You Can Get Upset About That Captain America Twist, You Just Shouldn’t

I may have received somewhere between five and 2,000 emails regarding a certain comic book event that happened last week, so forgive me if the first answer is a little long. There’s a lot fo cover! But there’s also an Independence Day controversy, what Force powers still work from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and…

Everyone, Please Stop Freaking Out About That Ridiculous Captain America Reveal

It’s All-New, All-Different Marvel! It’s the All-New, All-Different adventures of Steve Rogers, back in action today as Captain America! And Steve has an All-New, All-Different gimmick to his history that will change the Marvel Universe forever... if by forever you mean a few months or so, although you wouldn’t know…

Why the Captain America: Civil War Movie Worked When the Comics Didn't

Captain America: Civil War isn’t a perfect movie, but it is vastly superior to the comics that inspired it. We’ve discussed the many problems with Marvel’s Civil War miniseries in the past, but they’re issues that Cap’s latest cinematic outing deftly avoided while still remaining recognizably Civil War—and here’s how.

One of Marvel's Best Movie Scenes Was Inspired by This Classic World War II Film

Captain America: The First Avenger might never compare to the taut thriller that Winter Solider ended up being, or the measured spectacle critics are calling Civil War, but it has one special moment. It’s a moment that changes Captain America from mere hunk of propaganda to a tragic hero. And it’s borrowed wholesale…

How Many People Has Captain America Killed in the Marvel Movies?

Even the nicest, most decent superheroes are cold blooded murderers. The nice ones just do it less than the psychopaths and make their kills with a much more cheery soundtrack. Take Captain America. Dude is all-American good guy as it gets and he’s racked up quite a kill count in his Marvel movies. How many? 14,089!…


The Original Captain America Has Finally Gotten His Super-Soldier Mojo Back

If you’ve been following Marvel’s comics lately, you’ll know that Steve Rogers hasn’t been Captain America for a while now. He’s been drained of his super-soldier serum and turned into an old man, while former Falcon Sam Wilson has taken up the mantle (much to some people’s chagrin). As of today, that’s no longer the…

Why Captain America: The First Avenger Is Unlike Any Other Marvel Movie

Whenever someone asks which of Marvel’s in-house productions has been the company’s best movie, I tend to answer Guardians of the Galaxy. Or I sagely nod along with the vox populi and point to the dramatic thrills of The Winter Soldier. But my heart wants to scream a totally different answer: The First Avenger.

Here's Our Best Look at Spider-Man's Fabulous New Costume

Okay, so you’ve watched the Civil War trailer a bunch of times to see that Spider-Man shot. You’ve probably seen it in all its animated-gif glory in our trailer breakdown, too. But Disney and Marvel have released a high-resolution picture of Peter Parker’s grand debut in the Marvel Cinematic universe to give us all an…

The Final Badass Civil War Trailer, Starring Your Spectacular New Spider-Man

It’s here—your next major look at Marvel’s big superheroic dust up, Civil War. You’d think someone would be pleased, but no, Teams Cap and Iron Man are far too busy being glum at the thought of fighting each other for what they believe in. Oh, and a certain friendly neighborhood arachnid, of course.