Star Trek Captain's Chair Pool Float: Set Your Phasers To Fun In the Sun

Styled on the iconic captain's chair that Kirk occupied during his time in command of the USS Enterprise, this inflatable pool float will undoubtedly make you feel more important than everyone else at the pool. So while you're lounging around soaking up the sun, you can order others to get you drinks, fetch your… » 2/16/15 11:03am 2/16/15 11:03am

Order Your Wife Around as Captain Kirk For $1000ish

Captain Kirk's original chair cost $304,750 when it was auctioned off » 8/18/08 12:50pm 8/18/08 12:50pm back in 2002, but now you can own your own replica chair for only a bit over $1000. You won't get Shatner's actual butt imprint in your chair (nor his fart remnants and other juices), but you will save quite a bit of money and get a seat that's as…

Shatner Says Cellphones are Better Than Star Trek Communicators

Captain Kirk, while speaking at a Toronto press conference to shill for Canada's Rogers Wireless, says that cellphones today are more impressive than communicators from Star Trek. Assuming he's not just saying this because he's a spokes-rep for a phone company—like the time he said booking online was better than… » 4/04/07 5:50pm 4/04/07 5:50pm