Not Even Captain Planet Could Extinguish These Matches

Douse them with water. Bury them in earth. Blast them with air. None of it's going to stop these matches from burning. And I'm assuming Heart wouldn't put up much of a fight against them either. » 12/01/10 3:20pm 12/01/10 3:20pm

Congressman's Fuel Cell Road Trip Was Horrifically Inefficient

Congressman Eric Massa of NY tried to drive a fuel cell car from NY to DC to make an environmental point and to show how great fuel cell cars are. He failed at both. » 1/12/09 8:30pm 1/12/09 8:30pm

Your Smelly Ass Feet Are Killing the Planet

Your feet? They smell like a baboon's butthole. Especially at the gym. So, the brilliant dudes at places like Nike and Adidas have started lining their socks with nano-bits of silver to fight microbials and the intense funk radiating from your tootsies. It works (woohoo), but every time you wash them, some of the… » 4/07/08 5:15pm 4/07/08 5:15pm

Afternoon News: Harry Potter Is Too Close for Comfort, DirecTV Breaking…

• Daniel Radcliffe, a/k/a Harry Potter, just bought an apartment in Manhattan. Coincidentally, it's only four blocks from our NYC headquarters. Luckily we have our own Dark Lord Balthazaar to protect us from his spells. [Gridskipper]
• Less than two weeks remain for DirecTV to add 15 more HD channels in order to reach… » 12/18/07 4:00pm 12/18/07 4:00pm