Girl Who Tragically Lost Half Her Brain Has Gained a New Artistic…

Taisia Sidorova, a 21-year-old girl from St Petersburg, Russia, smashed her skull and damaged her brain during a horrific car crash. It was so bad that doctors didn't expect Taisia to ever recover. Amazingly, three years later, she's better and has developed a new artistic ability that didn't even exist before. » 7/21/11 4:40pm 7/21/11 4:40pm

3-D Scanning and Reconstruction of Crash Scenes Will Save Cops and…

Police in England will soon deploy 3-D laser scanners to the scene of car crashes, saving time and allowing wreckage to be cleared from roadways more quickly. The 3-D accident reconstruction will also be more accurate than human-generated reports. » 7/15/11 9:00pm 7/15/11 9:00pm

Ninja Biker Flips to His Feet After Being Slammed By Truck

This accident could have either been the most gruesome thing we've ever seen, or the most spectacularly awesome. Luckily for both us and one incredibly agile biker, it was the latter. Getting hit by a car never looked so good. » 10/20/10 6:00pm 10/20/10 6:00pm

Watch My Furniture Truck Get Decapitated By a Bridge

Last week I received a furniture order around 11pm. Yeah, it was late—but the drivers had good reason. Earlier that day they fell victim to the infamous Gregson Street RR bridge in Durham NC. » 4/30/09 3:40pm 4/30/09 3:40pm