This Is How Google's Dreaming Robot Sees Cars

Ever since Google revealed Deep Dream, a neural-network (you know, like the Terminator) visualization tool that takes normal images and turns them into recursive, creepy, cyber-Hironomous Bosch hellscapes, I’ve wanted to see how it would affect images of cars. And now I know. And I’m not sure if I’ll sleep again.… »7/13/15 4:12pm7/13/15 4:12pm


These Are The Most Amazing Images Of Exploding Cars You'll Ever See

Don't worry, a practically priceless Ferrari 330 P4 wasn't harmed in the making of these beautiful images by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner. But Oefner decided some models of great cars needed disassembling for the sake of making awesome photos with their pieces suspended in mid air. It's brilliant. »12/02/13 12:18pm12/02/13 12:18pm