Don't Dump Your Old iPhone, Use It For Permanent Media And GPS Instead

If you update your gadgets as much as I do, you probably have a small collection of older devices with low resale value lying around. Don’t toss them or sell them! If you don’t already have an integrated multi-feature entertainment center in your car (or if you hate what you have), you might find that your old… »11/06/15 12:50pm11/06/15 12:50pm


Pioneer AppRadio: Imagine Your Entire Car Stereo System, Powered By a Smartphone

You want to play music from your iPhone when you're in the car. You want to control everything from the in-dash head unit. Rarely do these two pieces of hardware work together in harmony, even if we wish that was the future of all car stereo systems everywhere. Pioneer's AppRadio might just change that. »5/25/11 4:52pm5/25/11 4:52pm

Hide Your Fancy Car Stereo Behind a Very Crappy Car Stereo

So you got yourself a fancy new stereo for your car. It's all well and good while you're driving, but when you're out of the car you know damn well that it's a magnet for ne'er-do-wells who are just itching to take a crowbar to your window and forcibly remove your fancy apparatus from your dash. What to do? Simple:… »7/08/08 7:20pm7/08/08 7:20pm

Kicker Warhorse 10,000-Watt Car Stereo Amp Ensures Complete Neighbor Alienation

If you're looking for the biggest, baddest-ass mofo car stereo amplifier you can get, you might want to consider this 10,000-watt Warhorse from Kicker. The WX 10000.1 weighs a hefty 67 pounds, and that 10kW power stream is enough to slam-dunk you and your subwoofers with its highly refined power. You're not going to… »11/09/07 8:27am11/09/07 8:27am

Peiker BlueTouchMusic: Music from Cellphone to Car via Bluetooth

You might have completely up-to-date, 2007-era gear everywhere else, but what if your car is still stuck in 1995? That's where you can hook up the Peiker BlueTouchMusic system, linking your cellphone to your car's music system via Bluetooth. It lets you wirelessly play back tunes from your cell phone with A2DP… »1/17/07 8:35am1/17/07 8:35am