MIT Explains How To Turn an Old Car Battery Into a Working Solar Cell

There are over 1 billion cars in the world, and the vast majority of them use batteries made from lead. As lithium batteries replace these old timers, eventually there may be many of the lead suckers sitting in landfills. Which is why MIT wanted to find a way to reuse them—by turning them into a new kind of solar… »8/18/14 4:22pm8/18/14 4:22pm

Is a Bike Still a Bike When It's Running Off Car Batteries and Has a Beer Cooler?

This could be the ultimate "bike." If bikes running off two car batteryes plus an electric power drill is considered a bike. The DIY badboy has a seat fashioned out of an office chair, eight wheels and three bike frames. It's obvious an incredible amount of work has gone into it, but like the Flyrad Unicycle, you… »5/02/11 7:20am5/02/11 7:20am