The End of This Insane Car Chase is Basically Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

Holy. Shit. This video shows the end of a car chase in northeast Houston and it’s totally bananas. The suspect tries to outrun a helicopter in an open field, but while making a break for it, he gets pummeled by a police SUV. Somehow, he bounces off the car, gets back up, and manages to keep on running. At this point,…


A Strange Low-Speed Car Chase Is A Grim Reminder Of The State Of Car Colors In America

Earlier this month, there was an LA-area car chase involving a Mercedes, a bunch of traffic, and some crazy low-speed maneuvering. But I don’t want to talk about the car chase itself; I want to talk about what it revealed. That chase was a sobering look at the chromatic state of the car fleet of America.

A helicopter closely chases a race car in this truly insane stunt

You see the word insane get thrown around on the Internet a lot. It’s a good word! But few things actually deserve the word insane. This stunt does though. Felix Baumgartner (the dude who jumped from space) pilots a Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter that is basically having a movie car chase scene with a race car and…