Dutch Town to Be Paved With Air Pollution-Sucking Bricks

The small Dutch town of Hengelo is about to test out a new kind of concrete paving slab that actually grabs onto the car-exhaust pollutant nitrogen oxide (a key smog and acid rain ingredient) sucking it out of the air and rendering it harmless. The special bricks contain a component based on titanium dioxide that acts… » 8/07/08 5:39am 8/07/08 5:39am

1930s Steam Cooker Uses Car Exhaust To Cook For, Poison Your Family

Before the advent of the drive-through, families on road trips were stumped by the dilemma of how to have a hot meal ready at any time during their travels. But never fear, 1930s road warrior — hook up this automatic food cooking contraption to your exhaust pipe and your car will prepare your dinners for you! » 4/19/08 11:30am 4/19/08 11:30am

Exhaust Grill Cooks Burgers with Smoke Heat

If one crazy grill design wasn't enough today, then check out this Exhaust Burger grill concept. A short-listed entrant in a recent design competition titled "Dining in 2015," the grill, invented by an Iranian team, plugs directly into your car exhaust. It soaks up spare heat in the gases to do the cooking, and the… » 1/23/08 9:36am 1/23/08 9:36am