The Fuelshark Won't Save You Gas Because It Runs On Bullshit

You may have heard about the Fuelshark. According to the package, you may have seen it on TV. That same package also says the Fuelshark will save you 10% or more on gas, and all you have to do is plug it into your cigarette lighter. Too bad the Fuel Shark is bullshit. And it's $39.95 worth of bullshit. » 12/10/13 12:18pm 12/10/13 12:18pm

Fiat Eco Drive Tells You How To Drive Cleaner

There are lots of ways to get the most out of your fuel tank without resorting to buying a new car—closing the windows when traveling over 50mph, using a car's air flow system rather than the AC, and easing on the break being just a couple of examples. In case you need a little help implementing these methods, Fiat… » 10/21/08 11:15pm 10/21/08 11:15pm

Mobile Microwave Brings Food Nuking Into Your Automobile

Roadsters who want their Hot Pockets on the go can now invest in a In-Car Microwave Oven! This mobile meal maker is made of a robust steel construction, boasts an LED screen with touchscreen operation, and can be powered either via your 12 volt cigarette lighter socket or directly by the car battery. The company… » 8/16/08 4:00pm 8/16/08 4:00pm

Alpine eX-10 Bluetooth Hub and iPod FM Transmitter For Your Car

Like the Venturi Mini, the eX-10 includes an FM transmitter, along with support for the A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile, and can pair with up to four devices simultaneously. However, the Alpine device ups the ante by packing in an iPod cable and a larger display (but sadly it's not a touch screen). We also liked the… » 11/13/07 8:48pm 11/13/07 8:48pm

Venturi Mini Car Bluetooth Hub Brings It All Together

The petite Venture Mini Bluetooth car hub is a combination FM transmitter, speakerphone, A2DP streamer and 12V charger. It can pair with up to four devices simultaneously and features in/out audio ports to connect your DAP. There's also a standard USB port for charging. For an improved speakerphone experience, there's… » 11/13/07 12:01am 11/13/07 12:01am