How To Turn Your Whole Car Into A Video Game Simulator

Along with doing dumb things with old cars, I also sometimes like to do dumb things with old computers and video games. Occasionally, I can convince someone to let me parade these things out in front of a lot of people. That’s why the Indianapolis Museum of Art will let you play Pole Position with an actual car this… »4/07/15 2:33pm4/07/15 2:33pm


Wirelessly Hacking--And Unlocking--Cars Is Easier Than It Should Be

At the Black Hat security conference later this week, an Australian security researcher will reveal a method for wirelessly unlocking a car with nothing but some radio equipment and ingenuity. It's not an easy hack, and there are a lot of caveats. But it's certainly a lot easier than it should be. See for yourself. »8/04/14 10:27am8/04/14 10:27am

China's Best Grandpa Builds A Mini Electric Lambo For His Grandson

In Zhengzhou, there's a man called Old Guo — who, at 50, seems a little young for his name — who wasn't crazy about taking his grandson to school on an unstable electric moped. So, he did the only thing any rational person would do: he built a little electric Lamborghini-style neighborhood car. »3/11/14 12:59pm3/11/14 12:59pm

Hackers Can Take Over Your Car With This Simple $26 Device

There's been a lot of hype and panic about cars being hacked and terrorist teens on laptops in desert bunkers taking over your Toyota, and up to now it's been mostly all just fodder for your crazy aunt to email you about. Now, however, a first viable general-use car-hacking tool has been developed that's also cheap. »2/10/14 12:04pm2/10/14 12:04pm