This Clever Carpet "Printer" Brushes Pictures Onto Your Rugs

You know that incredibly satisfying feeling of seeing a freshly vacuumed carpet with the fibers all perfectly upright and unmarred by footprints? Designer Yuta Sugiura has found a way to take advantage of that effect to print detailed images on a rug or carpeting using a handheld machine he developed and built. »8/15/14 11:10am8/15/14 11:10am

3D Carpet Playmats Keep Hot Wheels Cars Safely On the Road

Anyone who grew up with a tiny garage full of Hot Wheels cars must remember those plush playmats featuring roads, parking lots, and parks. You were free to cruise around anywhere you liked—but what kind of message does that send to future drivers? These IVI 3D Play Carpets are a much better alternative, featuring a… »12/10/13 5:00pm12/10/13 5:00pm

LED Carpets Guarantee You'll Never Get Lost In an Airport Again

With a development that will surely appeal to airports, Philips has announced a partnership with flooring manufacturer Desso to produce a light transmissive LED-powered carpet that can be used to display warning messages, directions, or even fancy glowing designs. And airports are just the tip of the glowy-floor… »11/20/13 10:20am11/20/13 10:20am

El Luminoso Rug Uses Wool and LEDs to Bring the Galaxy to Your Floor

Designed by Esti Barnes, El Luminoso is a made-to-measure carpet that mixes LEDs into the pile. Given that the last rugs I writhed upon with gay abandon wrote about were the Wurst rugs, a selection of sausage-inspired floor coverings that looked like a pool of puke, Esti's design is bleedin' gawjus. No idea of the… »4/08/08 6:57am4/08/08 6:57am