This Depression-Era Carphone Was Way Ahead of Its Time

Today if your car breaks down or you're in an accident, help is little more than a phone call away. It's something that many drivers of the 21st century take for granted, what with our Space Age smartphone technology. This automotive safety net, of course, wasn't available in the 1930s. But one visionary who was… » 8/13/13 12:40pm 8/13/13 12:40pm

Motorola's Smart Rider Car Phone: Just In Case You Were Expecting a Call From 1992

An FCC leak back in February tipped us off to the fact that Motorola was prepping a car phone, but it wasn't until today that the details were announced. However, unlike the car phones of yesteryear, the Smart Rider features GPS navigation, voice activation and Bluetooth. But here is the kicker—you can use it outside… » 4/03/08 9:20pm 4/03/08 9:20pm

CarPhone Solves Wireless Calling in Car Without the Need for Bluetooth

So, you love your phone and your car so much you want to create a hybrid, but you are not going to embark on your ultimate mod before seeing some proof that it is possible. Thanks to some fellow, who deemed it fit to create a car/phone hybrid some 25 years ago, your curiosities can be settled. Checkout his ridiculous… » 11/24/07 3:30pm 11/24/07 3:30pm