Baby Alert Child Minder Remembers Your Kids When You Forget

It's better to be safe than sorry: Baby Alert's Child Minder system (baby not included) replaces the generic strap on your kid's car seat, causing a keychain alarm to sound every time you move more than ten feet from the buckled fastener that ties your tot down. $64.95 for peace of mind. [The Child Minder System via … » 7/31/07 7:59pm 7/31/07 7:59pm

No-Doze Car Seat Keeps You from Snoozing on the Road

It's only a prototype, but researchers in Japan have developed a car seat that can detect when a driver is about to nod off. The idea is to fit the seat with a buzzer, so that when the seat's built-in sensors notice a drop in your pulse, it'll sound an alarm to wake you up. The seat's creators expect to have a… » 3/06/07 6:15pm 3/06/07 6:15pm

Live From CES: Delphi Intelligent Child Restraint and Crib Monitor

Delphi is also working on sensors for the child safety zone—an area of much interest to the child-bearing Gizmodo editors. The intelligent child restraint is a device to help ensure that you install your car seat correctly. Child seats are mis-installed 80% of the time, a stat that will come as little surprise to… » 1/06/06 3:16pm 1/06/06 3:16pm