A Car Seat With Retractable Stroller Wheels Frees Up Trunk Space

In addition to kissing all of their free time goodbye, new parents also have to get used to every inch of space in their home being filled with baby gear. But not their car, because the Doona is a clever car seat that features a set of retractable stroller legs and wheels so nothing has to go in the trunk—except boxes… » 5/27/14 4:40pm 5/27/14 4:40pm

Volvo's Inflatable Child Seat Concept Fits in a Backpack

At one time the military actually tried to develop inflatable planes that were strong enough to fly, but easy to transport. Those never materialized, but the technology involved—a drop-stitch fabric that can be inflated to very high pressures—has enabled Volvo to create an inflatable child car seat that's just as safe… » 4/11/14 11:29am 4/11/14 11:29am

Your Child Will Never Be Safer In a Car Than In the Arms of Batman

Despite his gruff mannerisms, deep down Batman is a tender, loving superhero. And had he kids of his own, he would embrace and protect them just like this Batman carseat will do for yours. If he can protect Gotham from evil super-villains, surely he can protect your kids during a fender bender. » 4/26/13 10:20am 4/26/13 10:20am