This Fabulous Expandable Caravan Is Cooler Than Most Apartments

I'm sad that this awesome expandable caravan is not real (yet). It's the only caravan I would consider towing with the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS I don't have (yet). I imagine myself bringing it to the Valley of the Gods and waking up looking through that window. » 1/17/12 1:40pm 1/17/12 1:40pm

AirStream's Latest Caravan Is $85,000 Worth of Retro-Futurism

It'll be a while before you see the Series 2 International 684 pitching up in the caravan park, but I'm sure jaws will drop once it does. With the outside remaining the same, inside it's a whole new look. » 6/22/11 1:40pm 6/22/11 1:40pm

The World's Smallest Trailer Can Be Pulled By a Scooter

The QTvan is the perfect trailer for those who ride mobility scooters. Okay fine, those who ride electric scooters probably don't need a trailer but what if I told you the trailer fit a full size bed, 19-inch TV, a mini mini bar and follows you wherever you go? Yeah, I'd be sold too. » 4/27/11 8:00pm 4/27/11 8:00pm

Surely, Mehrzelle's Inhalt Multicellular Caravan Is A Mistake

Nothing wrong with wanting a customized trailer, but this design from the folks at Mehzelle seems a bit overkill, especially when paired up with a generic minivan in the marketing materials. » 5/24/09 5:00pm 5/24/09 5:00pm

Luxury Caravan Has Sports Car Parking Dock In Its Belly

Poor Madoff scandal rich victims. Pity them, because now it's their time to scale back to a trailer park. Probably in this luxury caravan, with its own built-in parking dock for their red sports car. » 12/18/08 8:00pm 12/18/08 8:00pm