Study: Some E-Cigs Put Out Tobacco-Like Levels of Carcinogens

An upcoming study in the peer-reviewed journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research says that some tank-style e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing formaldehyde in their vapor at levels similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The New York Times, which revealed the findings ahead of publication, says a second study confirms the… » 5/04/14 9:12am 5/04/14 9:12am

A Good Day for Vices: Coffee Is Healthy and Hot Dogs Aren't As Bad As…

Nitrates in hot dogs have had a menacing reputation since the '70s, and doctors are constantly telling us to drink coffee in moderation. But I have excellent news to report today: hot dogs don't seem to cause cancer and coffee can actually protect you from it. » 10/24/11 5:00pm 10/24/11 5:00pm