Square's Going to Have a More Secure Card Reader For iPhone Payments…

I don't think news that Square is releasing a safer card reader this summer should put off users of their existing reader, but it's worth keeping an eye out for if you want to ensure all your credit card data is encrypted. This comes after Visa invested in the start-up, so it makes sense also that Square's going to… » 4/29/11 4:10am 4/29/11 4:10am

Medical Card-Reading Tester Can Produce Almost Instant Diagnosis

Hypochondriacs should be comforted to hear that scientists have developed a card-reading device that can test blood, urine and saliva for diseases and illnesses instantly. This medical card-reader uses the giant magnetoresistance principle, which means it can diagnose diseases from bodily samples just as a computer… » 11/04/08 10:40pm 11/04/08 10:40pm

Griffin's Simplifi iPhone Dock/Card Reader Isn't a Crappy USB…

For those of you who were skeptical of the Griffin AirCurve » 9/26/08 7:34am 9/26/08 7:34am wire-free iPhone amplifier/dock thingy comes this USB dock that is a genuine neato solution. Dubbed "Simplifi," for once it's a product name that tallies with the product's purpose: it's a combined iPod/iPhone dock that has a CF card slot, a Memory…

Brando 3-in-1 Data Dock Saves Case Space With Multi-Use Trays

For those of you with desktop PCs crammed to the gills with peripherals, this slot-loading data dock from Brando might be a neat space-saver solution. It takes up just one 3.5-inch drive bay, but has three interchangeable sleds: one for 2.5-inch SATA HDDs, one with a 4-way USB hub and one a multi-type card reader. You… » 6/11/08 6:48am 6/11/08 6:48am

Phone Charger Doubles as Data Backup Unit, Triples as an SD Card Reader

There are other methods of backing up your cellphone contacts, but integrating that capability into a cellphone charger makes a lot of sense from a convenience standpoint. Plus, throwing in the ability read your SD/MMC cards doesn't hurt either. It can even act as a portable battery backup in a pinch. The cleverly… » 5/07/08 3:30pm 5/07/08 3:30pm

USB Memory Card Reader With Compact Mirror. Verdict: Wacky!

So, sometimes you need to check to see if your lipstick is okay, and sometimes you need to download data from a memory card. To do both of those you need a device to help you out. But why would you combine both devices into one gizmo? I suppose it could save space in your purse if you're a really habitual memory-card… » 4/14/08 10:39am 4/14/08 10:39am

Brando Cellphone Charm is Charging Cable, MicroSD Reader Too

Sometimes the "Keep It Simple Stupid" principle and product mashups really do work: like this multipurpose cellphone charm from Brando. Unclasp it and there's a USB-to-phone cable for data and charging, customizable with plugs that suit your cellphone or mini-USB device. Flick a switch, slot in a MicroSD card and it's… » 4/09/08 11:00am 4/09/08 11:00am

USB Card Reader Squeezes in a Thermometer and Digital Clock Too

This gadget from Polar is a multifunction card reader that distinguishes itself from all the others with a dust-proof sliding lid and a built-in clock (wow!) and thermometer. It is an analog thermometer, but what the heck: everything else is digital nowadays, so its nice to see some cheapo mashup analogness. The… » 2/22/08 10:00am 2/22/08 10:00am

Kingston DataTraveler Micro is a USB Stick with MicroSD Card Reader

USB thumb drives stopped being cool about 10 years ago, but what happens when you stick a microSD card reader on board? It gets cool again, that's what. Kingston's DataTraveler Micro does just that, and even holds up to 4GB of onboard memory inside the thumbdrive itself. The reader can read not only microSD cards, but… » 2/11/08 1:15pm 2/11/08 1:15pm