3D Virtual Heart So Real Doctors' Own Hearts Go Pitter Patter

Click to view » 10/23/08 8:40pm 10/23/08 8:40pm London's Heart Hospital didn't like the fact that they couldn't see the hearts of patients—not while the patients were still alive and well, that is. So they hired Glassworks, an animation firm that specialized in music videos and TV shows, and asked them to build HeartWorks, the most realistic working…

CardioArm Surgical Snake Will Worm its Way Into Your Heart

Just last year, we showed you the concept i-Snake medical robot, and now a different team actually has a similar device for real: the CardioArm. This little robo-tentacle is being developed partly at Carnegie Mellon University, and is apparently the most flexible endoscope ever that follows its own camera-head in a… » 4/06/08 1:29pm 4/06/08 1:29pm