A container ship traveling around the ocean at night is one of the most beautiful things

I literally gasped in disbelief when I first saw this timelapse by Toby Smith of the Gunhilde Maersk at sea. It goes from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the night scenes are unbelievable. The skies are salted with glittery stars and the lights of the port cities paint the horizon in a sort of… »9/02/15 10:44pm9/02/15 10:44pm


World's Largest Container Ship Has Four Football Fields of Deck Space

Samsung might be making waves at Mobile World Congress with the new Galaxy S6, but that's nothing compared to the waves that will be produced by what the company's Heavy Industries division is working on. It recently announced that it will be building the world's largest container ship, over 1,300-feet long, for… »3/03/15 11:45am3/03/15 11:45am

Shipping Containers Lost at Sea and the Search for Flight 370

Just how many large mysterious objects can there be floating at sea? That's what many of us have wondered after the search for debris from Malaysia Airlines 370 turned up piece after piece of ocean trash. The search for flight 370 has focused our attention on empty patches of ocean and, in the process, shed light on… »4/02/14 1:40pm4/02/14 1:40pm

This Massive Cargo Ship Will Harness the Wind With Its Hull

It doesn't matter how efficient we make their engines or how many solar panels we install on their decks, the world's largest cargo ships—those water-bound leviathans on which international trade depends—will require massive amounts of fuel for the foreseeable future. However, this conceptual super-carrier could… »10/02/13 11:30am10/02/13 11:30am

The World's Biggest Ship Is Assembled like a Lego Model

With a capacity of more than 16,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit shipping containers) the CMA CGM Marco Polo currently reigns as the "world's largest container ship" but it won't for much longer. Construction of an even larger line of mega-ships—the Maersk Triple E—will soon be complete and, once launched, will… »3/19/13 9:20pm3/19/13 9:20pm

Beleaguered Flight Crews Could Soon Bunk With the Cargo

Traveling in first class provides a welcome respite from the huddled masses in coach, but now flight crews have their own private place to escape from passengers in all classes. TIMCO Aerosystems designed this Crew Rest Module for Austrian Airlines that stashes in the plane's cargo hold, providing a quiet place to… »10/25/11 6:20pm10/25/11 6:20pm

Boeing Working on Real-Life Colonial Marines Dropship

The US Air Force wants a new cargo aircraft, a pressurized airplane capable of carrying 65,000 pounds for 1,500 nautical miles without refueling. They call it the Speed Agile Concept Demonstrator—it's supposed to travel at a minimum Mach .8 at 30,000-feet—but they may as well have called it the UD-4L Dropship, because… »6/12/08 10:30am6/12/08 10:30am