Agricultural Printing: A Rooftop Farm Culled By Autonomous Tractors

The World Expo Milano 2015 is still a few years years off, but details about the pavilions are starting to emerge. Today, we learn that a building sponsored by agricultural machinery company New Holland will feature a sloping rooftop field farmed by two "zero-emission, robotized, self-driving tractors." »11/27/13 4:30pm11/27/13 4:30pm

Meet the Drone That's Guiding New Students Around MIT This Fall

Navigating a new campus is all part of the nostalgic movie montage that is freshman year of college. The changing leaves! The quaint Gothic architecture! The... drone tour guide? That’s the concept behind Skycall, a playful prototype that's designed to help visiting Harvard students find their way around MIT’s… »9/11/13 5:20pm9/11/13 5:20pm