The Carnival Cruise From Hell Refuses to End as the Passengers' Bus Home Breaks Down

If you thought things couldn't get any worse for the unsuspecting participants in Carnival Cruise's new Lord of the Flies at sea program, you've underestimated the excessively vengeful god they've angered. Just as they were finally on their way home and ready to start their lives over, the ex-hostages found… »2/15/13 10:35am2/15/13 10:35am


Power-Desperate, Stranded Carnival Cruise Passengers Make a Rat King Out of Phone Cords

Carnival cruise ship Triumph suffered a fire then a broken tow line that left it stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for four days. It's approaching port now, but passengers are pissed and desperate for power. This picture, tweeted by ABC's 20/20 account, is a glimpse at the hellhole that boat has become. »2/14/13 4:01pm2/14/13 4:01pm