Use Dropbox's Carousel to Keep Old Photos From Cluttering Up Your Phone

Carousel is Dropbox's dedicated photo and video managing app, and it recently rolled out an update that lets you automatically remove old content that's cluttering up your phone once it's been backed up to the cloud. Switch on the feature—as we'll show you here—and you can avoid running out of room on your phone or… » 1/12/15 11:00am 1/12/15 11:00am

Dropbox just expanded its wonderful photo gallery app, Carousel, to include iPads and the web. Carousel is a standalone app providing a stylized experience for viewing photos. These new additions add nothing new other than taking advantage of extra screen real estate. Android tabs are said to be coming soon. » 11/20/14 12:29pm 11/20/14 12:29pm

Oh Hey, Dropbox's Carousel App Doesn't Suck Anymore

Back in April, Dropbox introduced a standalone app for viewing and sharing photos. Carousel was an exciting prospect, harnessing the power of Dropbox's popular cloud storage. It was also kind of a mess. Lo and behold, over a series of recent updates, Carousel has fixed almost everything that was wrong, and is now a… » 11/05/14 9:48am 11/05/14 9:48am

Dropbox Carousel Hands On: So Many Swipes, So Little Time

Today Dropbox announced a new app just for viewing and sharing photos. It's called Carousel, and it allows and your friends to seamlessly share images between your Dropbox folders. But you might not want to give it a spin. » 4/09/14 5:58pm 4/09/14 5:58pm

Dropbox Is Making Online Collaboration Less Conflicting

Dropbox is set to receive a slew of new features, the popular cloud storage service announced at a press conference in San Francisco today. Here's what's in store for users. » 4/09/14 1:20pm 4/09/14 1:20pm

Hilarious corgi running on a carousel is a perfect metaphor of life

I'm not going to be a hamster on a wheel anymore. I will be a corgi running on a carousel. This never-ending GIF wins my own personal internet forever. » 2/21/14 10:07pm 2/21/14 10:07pm

If You Really Want Instagram on Your Mac, You Can Pay 5 Bucks for…

Instagram is the lovely. Sadly though, it's really only available on your iPhone. With Carousel, you can peep Instagram on your Mac. » 9/08/11 4:00pm 9/08/11 4:00pm

An Update to Android Market Brings a Brand New Android Market

In its latest update, Android Market is pretty much starting over. All of the gazillion apps are still there but the interface will look different and the experience will almost be brand new. » 12/11/10 12:12pm 12/11/10 12:12pm

Solar-Powered County Fair Makes So Much Sense

This year's Marin County fair in northern California took its environmental theme seriously. A huge photovoltaic setup provided about 40% of the fair's energy with clean solar power—and a solar-powered county fair makes perfect sense. » 7/08/09 10:15pm 7/08/09 10:15pm

Philips Cinema 21:9 TV Will Cost $7400

I don't know if we will ever see the 56-inch Philips Cinema 21:9 in the US, but if I didn't have a projector, I would totally fall for it. Even at the $7400 price tag just published in the UK. » 7/01/09 10:00am 7/01/09 10:00am