This Gorgeous Chart of 300 Hand Tools Is a DIYer's Dream

The world is going digital, but we still spend our days in physical spaces largely crafted by hand. The carpenter's art isn't just in the final product — there's rugged beauty in every toolbox. Pop Chart Lab's newest print shows the purposeful elegance of tools whose only source of power is a skilled pair of hands. »11/21/13 5:00pm11/21/13 5:00pm

Muscle Robot Suit Makes Most Powerful Carpenters Since Jesus

While we're all about powered exoskeletons to accelerate soldiers' badassery, Japan builds them for stuff like carpentry. Apparently the suckiest aspect of the job is fitting in ceiling boards, which requires a lot of raw power in an unnatural body position, since it's all done over-the-head. Nagoya University's robot… »2/18/08 9:57am2/18/08 9:57am