How a Coffee-Powered Car Crushed a World Landspeed Record

Car that runs on coffee? Check. Coffee-car that beats landspeed records? Not so check, until now. With this update to the original "Carpuccino," the Teesdale Conservation Volunteers have built a car that can hit 66.5mph running just on coffee beans, making it the fast gasification-powered car ever. » 9/26/11 1:49pm 9/26/11 1:49pm

Coffee-Powered "Carpuccino" Infuriates Car Lovers, Coffee Lovers, Pun…

Point: As my fellow Jalopnik readers would agree, the thought of an au-to-MO-bile running on some coffee beans is equally laughable and insulting. Counterpoint: As my fellow coffee drinkers would agree, this is an utter disgrace to our holy bean. » 3/06/10 9:00pm 3/06/10 9:00pm