You May Puke Watching This Tug Boat Attempt To Tow Russia's Carrier In Rough Seas

What happens when your only aircraft carrier breaks down off the coast of Spain in very rough seas? Call the big tugboat that’s been shadowing you for just such an occasion and attempt a tow. The result is this well, stomach turning video that shows the Russian tug Nikolay Chiker attempting a tow operation on the… »11/15/15 11:40am11/15/15 11:40am


T-Mobile's Whole "Uncarrier" Thing Might Actually Be Working

CEO John Legere has long asserted that T-Mobile’s been No. 3 carrier in the U.S. for some time, but now he has the officials stats to back it up. According to new Sprint quarterly numbers, T-Mobile is now the No. 3 wireless service based on subscribers., gaining two million additions last quarter compared to Sprint’s… »8/04/15 12:58pm8/04/15 12:58pm

The Pentagon's 'Concurrency Myth' Is Now Available In Supercarrier Size

Concurrency isn’t coming. It’s already here. And what was once an incredibly naive high-hopes buzzword and procurement concept has now become a slur in many defense crowds. Now, after nearly downing the F-35, and causing chaos in many other defense programs, it’s trying to sink America’s newest aircraft carrier, the… »6/17/15 3:03pm6/17/15 3:03pm