Casino Royale Special Edition Is The First Second Blu-ray Double Dip

Casino Royale »8/13/08 8:00pm8/13/08 8:00pm, a film from Sony Pictures, is going to be the title to hold the dubious honor of being to double-dip on "Sony's" Blu-ray format. We're honestly surprised that it took this long. The $39 October 21 release will have seven hours of extras that weren't in the original Blu-ray or DVD release, which may or…


Sony Ericsson Releases Limited Edition James Bond K800 and K790

Sony Ericsson's pumping up their upcoming Sony Picture's James Bond flick, Casino Royale, with some limited edition James Bond phones. Despite the fact that these K800s and K790s are old hat and James Bond should be using top-of-the-line gear (Q needs to read Gizmodo more!), they are pretty nice handsets and work on… »10/13/06 3:18pm10/13/06 3:18pm