Inside the last factory that still makes audio cassette tapes

Bloomberg Businessweek recently toured National Audio Company, a shop in Springfield, Missouri and one of the last and definitely the largest remaining manufacturers of the classic audio cassette tape. It’s almost adorable to see all the old machines whirring to pump out tapes that you thought no longer existed. »9/04/15 11:36am9/04/15 11:36am

Sony Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays' Worth of Storage in a Single Cassette Tape

Stupid hipster 80s fetishism notwithstanding, cassette tapes don't get much love. That's a shame, because magnetic tape is still a surprisingly robust way to back up data. Especially now: Sony just unveiled tape that holds a whopping 148 GB per square inch, meaning a cassette could hold 185 TB of data. Prepare for the… »5/04/14 10:16am5/04/14 10:16am

Easily Update Ancient Stereos With ION Audio's Bluetooth Cassette

You may have convinced your parents to upgrade to a smartphone or a tablet, but that monstrous ancient stereo system in their living room that served them well in the 1980s isn't going anywhere. Thankfully, ION Audio's new Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is a ridiculously easy way to get their old and modern technology to… »1/05/14 12:00pm1/05/14 12:00pm

Sony's Putting Its Handheld Cassette Recorders In That Old Junk Drawer In the Sky

It's the end of an era. Or more accurately, it's effectively been the end of an era for a while and this is another part of it. In early 2013, Sony will stop producing its three remaining models of handheld cassette recorders, meaning first the Walkman and now its cousins are on their final march to death. »12/09/12 10:00am12/09/12 10:00am

Watch This Army Of Cassette Tape Players Sing a Song of Days Gone By

Remember cassette tape players? Unlike the mp3 players so prevalent today, they didn't just play music; they made some white noise too. This art installation called Binatone Galaxy by Stephen Cornford takes advantage of that fact to create a neat but eerie soundscape that's totally living in the past. So take a… »12/01/12 9:10am12/01/12 9:10am

Does Anyone Still Even Have Audio Cassettes That Need To Be Digitized?

Hammacher's hawking this over-sized walkman look-alike featuring an iPhone/iPod Touch dock that lets you convert cassette tapes into MP3s via an accompanying app. But does anyone out there even have audio cassettes that can't be more easily replaced with a quick iTunes search? Does anyone even know what audio… »8/30/12 5:40pm8/30/12 5:40pm