Caterpillar Building 700-Ton, Completely Automatic Mega Dump Truck

Gearheads at Carnegie Mellon University are partnering up with tractor-maker Caterpillar to build the world's largest robotic dump truck, a 700-ton ground mover capable of hauling 240 tons of earth. In case you can't wrap your head around that amount, that's like 33 African bull elephants worth of dirt. The trucks… »9/10/08 3:30am9/10/08 3:30am

Concrete-Jet Printer Gets Caterpillar Funding: Print-Out Houses on the Way

Check out this lengthy vid: it shows how one day you may just call-in giant robots to print out a new home based on a CAD model. Research into the concrete-jet printer is being carried out by USC, and their technology can already build up complex concrete structures using technology that's half-CNC machine and half… »9/05/08 11:15am9/05/08 11:15am