AirKick Human Catapult Sends Your Flailing Body 26 Feet Into the Air

We've seen before how fun getting launched in the air over a body of water »8/22/08 10:45am8/22/08 10:45am can be. Now we have another way to do it: the AirKick Human Water Catapult. Powered by air and water, the AirKick launches people over 26 feet in the air and into either a pool or a foam pit. Creator explains it thusly: It's available to rent…

Thirty-Foot Trebuchet Fires Chicken Poop at Potential Thieves

A businessman in the UK has come up with a novel way to deal with potential thieves: firing chickenshit at them from a 30-foot catapult. Joe Watson-Webb, a retired showman, had the iron trebuchet left over from his days as a showman, and gets his avian ammo from the farm next door. Local cops have said that they will… »3/05/08 11:15am3/05/08 11:15am