This beautiful starry sky is a cave full of glowworms in New Zealand

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day features an amazing photo by Phill Round. It looks like a frame from a Spielberg movie—an humanoid figure appearing at the base of a mountain, with the unknown starry sky of an alien world behind it. In reality, it's a man getting into New Zealand's Hollow Hill Cave. » 8/30/14 9:21am 8/30/14 9:21am

The complete map to Earth's deepest cave—7,208 feet deep, 8 miles long

At 2,197 meters (7,208 feet) the Krubera cave is the deepest on Earth. Located in the Arabika Massif, of the Western Caucasus in Abkhazia, Georgia, it extends for 13.432 kilometers (8,346 miles.) I would love to get inside, but I know the fear would paralyze me. I love to go through its complete (so far) map, though. » 3/28/14 2:55am 3/28/14 2:55am

Terrifying video of a man stuck in a cave as it fills with water

I knew I was going to freak out when I clicked on this video of a man stuck in The Tube, a long thin passage in the Lost Johns' Cave—a large cave system on Leck Fell, Lancashire, England—as the water pours in and he panics. Fortunately, he escaped at the end. » 3/25/14 8:54am 3/25/14 8:54am

Nick Cave: Get the Perfect Spotify Playlist For Your Bad Mood

How are you feeling today? Happy? Heartbroken? Like you're about to punch someone? We can't fix it, but Nick Cave's new Spotify app can help in the tunes department. » 3/18/13 6:00pm 3/18/13 6:00pm

The World's Oldest Cave Engraving Is a Vagina

This is a wall engraving from Abri Castanet, a shallow cave in southern France's Vezere valley. It's the oldest known cave etching, probably dating back around 37,000 years—and the researchers claim it depicts female genitalia. » 5/15/12 9:25am 5/15/12 9:25am

BBC's Frozen Planet Crew Fakes Polar Bear Scene In a Zoo

Like all its documentaries, the BBC's Frozen Planet is fascinating and exquisitely filmed. Their crew has captured amazing things, including the creeping ice tornado. Unfortunately, they cheated on their viewers when they faked a crucial polar bear scene in a zoo. » 12/12/11 3:07pm 12/12/11 3:07pm

Fruit Ninja 3D: Virtual Reality Watermelon Murder

Your Fruit Ninja high score is irrelevant. In fact, no game of Fruit Ninja that you've played in your life so far matters anymore, not now that a motion tracking system, 5.1 surround sound, and a Wiimote have given the popular mobile game this insane virtual reality iteration. The only thing the CAVE—the Cave… » 3/28/11 11:00am 3/28/11 11:00am

The Castle of Shadows, a 15th Century Virtual Reality Room

In 1420, Venetian engineer Giovanni Fontana proposed an elaborate mechanical room he dubbed the Castellum Umbrarum, or "castle of shadows." Sound awesome? It is. In a recent paper, French professor Philippe Codognet described it as "a room with walls made of folded translucent parchments lighted from behind, creating… » 2/22/11 3:20pm 2/22/11 3:20pm

Kraft Has a 400,000 Sq. Foot Underground Cheese Cave

That Kraft cheese slice you might chomp for lunch today? It came from a mammoth subterranean dairy bunker the company uses as dirt cheap refrigeration and storage, Wired reports. Inside a 70 year old mine that's still rocked by explosions. » 2/01/11 12:00pm 2/01/11 12:00pm

Teen's Science Fair Project Sends Text Messages from 1,000 Feet…

Sixteen-year-old Alexander Kendrick has put together a low-frequency radio which allows for the transmission of text messages from caves nearly 1,000 feet underground. I still can't get a single bar of reception on the subway. » 2/01/10 6:40pm 2/01/10 6:40pm

The Laser Cave Blinds Batman with Jealousy

Batman has everything. Awesome tech. Awesome man-cave. But his dark dwelling could use a makeover...a laser makeover. [Suryum via create digital motion via MAKE] » 9/18/09 11:20am 9/18/09 11:20am

UCSD's StarCAVE Is a Real 3D Super-High-Def Danger Room

UC at San Diego has the closest thing to an X-Men-style Danger Room in its new StarCAVE, a small room that entirely surrounds you, hurtling 68 million pixels at your eyeballs at near-perfect resolution. Pop on polarized glasses and the whole thing goes 3D. Grasping a wireless "wand," you can walk through tall… » 9/19/08 6:00pm 9/19/08 6:00pm

Nido Play Cave

If the Javier Mariscal-designed Nido Play Cave had been around when we were kids, we would've promised anything to our mom—clean plates, good grades, law or medical school—and we would've meant it too, just to get our grubby hands on of these wonderfully cheery hideouts. If we had children, we'd get it for them;… » 4/26/06 6:17pm 4/26/06 6:17pm