'Laser' Clock is Misnamed, Lame

Here's an LED-lit keychain device that lets you project an image of the time of day. Curiously named a Laser Clock, there aren't really any lasers involved, according to a nice guy we talked to at the product's distributor, Dynamism. In fact, there's no laser inside this little device at all, and it's only able to… » 5/11/07 11:48am 5/11/07 11:48am

Promise Lip Balm Claims to Curb Appetite

For those who are forever searching for effective yet effortless ways to lose weight, Omega Tech Labs is now pushing Promise, an alleged appetite suppressant disguised as lip balm. A month s supply will cost you between four and five bucks, and claims to not only slow down that ravenous appetite but it's also supposed… » 2/17/06 11:51am 2/17/06 11:51am