How to Hijack a Fast Food Drive-Thru Frequency

You may or may not remember a video of a hilarious prank pulled a number of years ago involving a bunch of guys hijacking drive-thru window frequencies. Basically, they were able to say whatever they pleased to ordering customers. It is an awesome prank, but just how they managed to pull it off was always somewhat of… » 3/19/08 2:50pm 3/19/08 2:50pm

Cobra 29 LTD BT is the World's First Bluetooth CB Radio: 10-4 Good Buddy

Cobra Electronics is expected to unveil the world's first Bluetooth CB radio at this years Mid-America Trucking Show. Naturally, this device will allow truckers to synch their mobile phone conversations to their CB radio, making for more effective communication. Plus, a noise canceling microphone will allow calls to… » 2/20/08 8:15pm 2/20/08 8:15pm