"Twitter Strangers": Joel Johnson and Jonah Lehrer on CBC Radio's Spark

Prompted by my posts on "Why I Stalk a Sexy Black Woman on Twitter (And Why You Should, Too)" as well as my follow-up piece, CBC Radio's Spark interviewed me and me-if-I-were-10-times-smarter Jonah Lehrer on the benefits of following strangers on Twitter. [CBC.ca/spark] » 8/26/10 4:51pm 8/26/10 4:51pm

Apple Takes iTunes TV to Canada

Today, TV programming from Canada and the US—plus the NHL, eh—will be available north of the border on iTunes. You lucky ducks (looneys?) get such CBC and CTV smash hits as Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie along with US programming from the likes of Comedy Central, including the strangely inappropriate South … » 12/12/07 8:44am 12/12/07 8:44am