Square Payment System Beset With Delays

Square, the super-cool payment system that lets you collect peoples' credit card dollars on your smart phone, is delayed indefinitely while the company tightens various infrastructural screws. CEO Jack Dorsey admits they rolled features out "before they were fully baked." » 6/19/10 12:30pm 6/19/10 12:30pm

Review: Command & Conquer: Red Alert for iPad

Decent iPad RTS games were somewhere between numbers one and four for on the Giz staff's various wishlists, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert is one of the all time greats of the genre. » 4/03/10 4:30pm 4/03/10 4:30pm

YouTube Caption Service Turns Shirtless Man's Razor Tips Into Rambling…

Unfortunately, the razor-saving video tip I wanted to show you today was "old news" from February. But! As I sat there this morning, dejected, I decided to click Google's very experimental "Transcribe Audio" feature...and nearly crapped my pants with fear. » 3/28/10 12:00pm 3/28/10 12:00pm

Charles Manson Cuts Killer Creative Commons Digital Album From Prison

Convicted murderer and future American Idol contestant Charles Manson has used the liberal Creative Commons license to release a new 16-track album from prison. The album, called, ironically, One Mind, is free to download at LimeWire. As an added bonus, the CC license allows listeners to copy the tracks as much as… » 4/05/08 8:59pm 4/05/08 8:59pm