Mini Orchestra Plays on Microchip Inside CD Case

For $27, you can pre-order a mini orchestra in a CD case. Unlike a normal CD, where you pop it into a player, you just plug your headphones into the case and listen. Albeit, try to "listen." » 6/23/10 2:20pm 6/23/10 2:20pm

CD Case Features Built-In Theremin and Artistic Circuitry: Match That,…

San Francisco electro artist Moldover, like Beck before him, figured out a way to make physical music purchases superior to digital: Embrace the physical. In Moldover's case, that meant cramming an actual working theremin into the CD case. » 8/29/09 4:10pm 8/29/09 4:10pm

Giant LED Clock Stores CDs, Gets You Back to the '80s

Ooooh. Shelves. And red LEDs. They tell time. They store CDs. Who has CDs? Not me. But I don't care. It's a giant digital clock. Red over black, baby. 1980s, here I come again. Now I just need to rescue my white suit, tight pink T-shirt, and call Tubbs to pick me up in the Ferrari. » 8/01/08 9:11am 8/01/08 9:11am