This Impeccably Accurate CD Player Scans Your Disc Multiple Times for Errors

It turns out that even the most expensive of home stereo CD players are still occasionally susceptible of incorrectly reading the data on the disc, which can ruin the listening experience. So a company called Parasound has created the CD 1, a Linux-powered standalone CD player that actually reads a disc multiple times… »3/25/13 1:40pm3/25/13 1:40pm


RISE Three-part CD Player Keeps Components Safe From...Each Other?

Audiophiles will stop at nothing to reach aural nirvana, which is the only justification for RISE's existence. Hand crafted in Italy, RISE is a CD player in which the various components (power source, control panel, and a Philips CD reader) are stashed in separate aluminum boxes to eliminate all mechanical and… »8/09/07 11:07pm8/09/07 11:07pm